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Cosmic factors of evolution of biosphere and geosphere. Interdisciplinary colloquium

SAI MSU, Moscow, May 21-23, 2014
(First announcement)

The Eurasian Astronomical Society (EAAS) regularly holds colloquia on actual problems in astronomy and related sciences. Presently the problems of cosmic factors' impact on processes on Earth and particularly, on its biosphere are vividly discussed.

Our next meeting is planned for May 21-23, 2014. Usually the scheme of such colloquia is as follows: the Organizing Committee asks several distinguished specialists to give review talks on most important branches, giving particular attention to problems still unsolved and under discussion.

Besides the invited talks, participants may present contributions, both those proposed beforehand and included into the preliminary programs and those resulting from the live discussion. As in previous cases, the organizing committee intends to publish the colloquium proceedings. We also plan to issue press releases on CCDs and distribute the English-language version of the materials.

Applications for participation in the colloquium and contribution abstracts should be sent to the secretary of the organizing committee to the address: boch@sai.msu.ru

The colloquium fee is 200 rubles. The fee will be waived for those EAAS members who have paid the membership fee up to 2013.

Preliminary program

Invited talks.

  • 1. V.N.Obridko (IZMIRAN) Introduction. The problem. Connection with the SCOSTEP international program VarSITI.
  • 2. YU.I.Zetser. (Institute of Geosphere Dynamics, RAS). Vernadsky: the notion of geosphere
  • 3. V.N.Obridko (IZMIRAN) The young Sun: paradoxes and hypotheses
  • 4. L.M.Gindilis (SAI MSU) A review of ideas of life origin: from ancient times to the present day.
  • 5. O.Yu.Khabarova (IZMIRAN) Evolution of biosphere
  • 6. A.V.Markov (Institue of Paleontology of RAS - MSU) The early stages of life evolution: archaeon, early proterozoic
  • 7. A.V. Eliseev (IPA) The role of climate-ecosystems interaction in climate response to exterior impact.
  • 8. D.M. Pechersky (IPE) Geomagnetic reversal, its properties, causes, possible impact on biosphere
  • 9. L.I.Miroshnichenko (IZMIRAN) Cosmic rays as a factor of biosphere evolution
  • 10. B.V.Somov (SAI MSU) An estimate of the extreme energy of flares from the theoretical point of view
  • 11. Yu.A.Nagovitsin (Pulkova Observatory) Estimation of the maximal height of solar cycle
  • 12. D.D.Sokolov (IZMIRAN, SAI MSU) The Maunder Minimum, its main characteristics and hypotheses of its origination
  • 13. M.V.Ragulskaya (IZMIRAN) Live organism adjustment to cosmic factors' impact: problems and prospective research.

Eurasian Astronomical Society
"Cosmic factors in climate evolution" section of RAS Council on theory of climate.
"Life and Intellect in Universe" section of the RAS Council on Astronomy.
Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Lomonosov Moscow State University

The organizing committee


  • Vladimir N. Obridko, EAAS Co-chairman,
  • Nikolai N.Samus, EAAS Co-chairman, INASAN


  • Safar A.Gasanov EAAS executive director, SAI MSU
  • Valentina M. Chepurova, EAAS scientific secretary, SAI MSU
  • Eugeniya A. Karitskaya, INASAN
  • Igor I. Mokhov, IPA RAS
  • Lev M. Gindilis, SAI MSU
  • Nikolai G. Bochkarev, SAI MSU


  • Vera L. Staerman, EAAS, SAI MSU
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