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The PPARC International Undergraduate Summer School (IUSS) is a four-week intensive course, to be held from 17 June - 13 July at the University of Sheffield, and is aimed at bright and motivated undergraduate students from around the world who are seriously considering a research career in the areas of astronomy and particle physics in PPARC's remit.

The summer school is designed to give students a taste of the exciting, world leading research programmes undertaken in the UK and place them in the context of global research activity within the remits of PPARC science. The attendees will experience the flavour of life as a scientist that will inspire them to continue their studies at an advanced level.

Accommodation for the accepted students will be provided free of charge. Students will also be provided breakfast and dinner. Living expenses will be allocated to each student to cover lunch.

Travel costs for accepted participants will be fully reimbursed provided reasonable means of travel is used. Overseas students with airfares over 150 GBP must seek approval from the School Director prior the purchase of their travel tickets.

For more information, including the online application form, please visit: http://www.robertus.staff.shef.ac.uk/iuss/

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