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55°42'4''с.ш.,    37°32'33''в.д.,    194м
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Журнал ESO Messeger №128

Журнал ESO Messeger №128 доступен для чтения в электронном виде.

Highlights include:

- Astronomy in the Czech Republic, J. Palous & P. Hadrava
- Progress of the ALMA Project, C. Haupt & H. Rykaczewski
- Exploring the Near-infrared at High Spatial and Spectral Resolution: First Results from CRIRES Science Verification, R. Siebenmorgen et al.
- Towards Precision Photometry with FORS: A Status Report, W. Freudling et al.
- Using the h-index to explore the scientific impact of the VLT, U. Grothkopf et al.
The 80pp issue can be downloaded as a PDF file

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